Work in Progress

I have a confession to make. I have never finished a book I started writing. I have a folder of unfinished novels on my computer. But now, I am writing a book that I intend on finishing. I thought I was almost done writing it, but then I found the most wonderful way of continuing it, and perhaps even writing a sequel. So I give you an excerpt of my WIP, please tell me what you think!

The soldiers tore apart my room as Celia, Dominic, and I watched. I was about to turn to Dominic to say that I knew that this was an outrageous accusation when Celia cried out.

            “Aha!” she said. “I knew it! I knew it was you! You filthy foreigner, you stole my necklace!” I whirled around to see what she was talking about when I saw it.  A soldier was holding a golden necklace.

            “What on earth?” I said. “I have no idea how that got there!”

            “Likely story.” Celia said.

            “Guards.” Dominic said. I looked at him, pleading with him. The guards took my arms. I started to fight them. As they dragged me out, Celia’s eyes met mine. It was that moment when I saw it, the smile on her face, and the look of triumph. I knew it then. Celia had planted that necklace. She saw me as a threat, and she wanted to get rid of me. I saw it in her eyes. She wanted the crown, and she would do anything to get it.

Of course, the paragraph I just gave you actually has barely anything to do with the actual plot, but I think it’s one of the best paragraphs in the novel so far. Please, let me know what you think! If you have any of your WIP you want me to see, I’d be happy to read them! Just click on the ‘Contact Me’ page. You’ll find my email there, and you’ll be able to send the excerpt to me.




~ by emmathereselane on September 25, 2013.

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