The Title

     You see! I have not forgotten! I’m still posting. I’ll try not to disappear on you again. Not for a while anyway. 😉

     When you’re at a library or a bookstore, where do you look to find a book you want to read? The title. The title of a book is what first captures the reader’s attention. You could write a really exciting book about a warrior on a quest to fight a dragon, (okay I have the Hobbit on my mind) but if you call it “Sam”, most people won’t even read what it’s about!If you call it something like “Sam’s Quest” or “The Journey of Sam”, that’s a little more interesting. The best kind of title for a book, is a captivating one. One that will catch the read’ers eye and that won’t let them forget about it. Find the right title, and you’ll do just fine.

Loving it…



~ by emmathereselane on July 22, 2013.

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