Romance, Yes or No?

     There are some people who think that for a book to be good, it needs some kind of romance in it. That is not the case. Whether or not to have romance in your book is up to you, and you alone. I’ve had friends try to push the idea of adding romance in my book on me before.

     If someone suggests romance for your book, give it some thought. Would some romance make your book better? If so, add some romance here and there if you want.

     Romance or no, remember you are in 100% control of your book. Just because you get a suggestion from someone, doesn’t mean you have to act upon it. Take their suggestion under consideration, and think about what their suggestion would do to your book if you used it. Never let someone pressure you into changing your book.

Your book, your rules.



~ by emmathereselane on May 29, 2013.

One Response to “Romance, Yes or No?”

  1. That is sooo true! But in my opinion, I love a book with a little romance in it.

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