Everything is Under Control! (NOT!)

     Everyone says that to keep life (school, work, chores) under control, you have to keep a schedule. But keeping a schedule isn’t always easy. Take it from someone who has created a million schedules (and all of them have failed)! My advice to you is this: keep your priorities straight! Right after school do your homework. Then, you won’t have to write papers at 2 in the morning.

     Do you have an assignment for work? When’s the deadline? Have it done at least two days before your deadline. If you’re done early, check it over!

     What are you chores? Vacuuming? Dusting? The easiest way to handle chores is to set a day to do your chores on one day. Saturday is my chore day. Clean the bathroom and wash the the dog dishes. These I can get done in 30 – 45 minutes. Sometimes shorter. That way, I can get all the stuff I have to do during the week without worrying about getting my chores done!

Easy peasy!





~ by emmathereselane on May 29, 2013.

One Response to “Everything is Under Control! (NOT!)”

  1. Sooooo true!!!!!

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