Creating the Monster

     Most fiction/fantasy books have a “terrifying monster” or menace in it. So how do you create a monster? Sometimes you use a thing that terrifies you; sometimes you create something totally unique. Sometimes creating a gruesome, hairy, man-eating beast is fun, but sometimes it’s challenging. You need to know when scary turns into not scary at all. Something that you think is terrifying may be the cutest thing in the world to someone else. For example: maybe you love bees! Well, I am deathly afraid of them!

     Next on your list of creating a monster, is a name! You can’t give something hideous an adorable name! What would people think if Medusa was named Labradoodle? Think of something that will have people shaking in their boots!


Freak ’em out!



~ by emmathereselane on May 27, 2013.

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