The Stages of Writing a Novel

I apologize for not posting the past couple weeks. School has taken over my life, and I was out of town last week as well.    

     Writing a novel takes a long time. In case you don’t know where to start, here are the stages of writing a novel…

     Stage One: Brainstorming!         Storm the fortress! Release all those captive story ideas, and find the one you want. Do you want to use the idea with dragons, or do you want the one with magicians? It doesn’t matter, just pick the one that speaks to you. It is easier to write what you are interested in and enjoy. Other ideas will speak to you later.

     Stage Two: The Rough Draft.      For me, this is the hardest part. It’s also the longest part. You have your idea, now you have to turn your idea into a novel! This stage consists of only writing. You write and you don’t look back. You write and write until your novel is finished. Don’t worry about typos, grammatical errors, and choppy dialogue at the moment. You’ll go back and fix them later.

     Stage Three: The Re-Writing     Your rough draft of your novel is finished. Now you send it to a couple of trusted friends, maybe even your mom. They read your book, make some comments, and give you some suggestions. You read it through and make some of your own notes. You go through your book and make some changes where you think changes are needed. Then you send it out again. Then re-write again. You’ll re-write again and again until you’re completely, 100% happy with your book. While it’s good to get feedback from friends and family, don’t let your book turn into their book. You are 100% in control of your book! Don’t let others take over and push changes onto you.

     Stage Four: Sending It Out…        Not everyone wants to publish their book. They only have to go to stage three. But for those who want to get published, you’re going to need a literary agent. The internet is a good way to find some agents. You should always do a ton of research. Also, if an agent charges you just to read your manuscript, you’re getting cheated. The only time you should have to pay an agent is if (and when) your book gets taken on by a publisher. You may decide to send an email to just one agent, or send out several emails to several agents, but each agent should get his or her own email. Don’t send out a group email. Follow the guidelines found on the prospective agent’s website! ALWAYS quadruple check your query letter (the email sent to the prospective agent) before sending it to the agent’s office. Have someone else look at it as well. Now click send!

     Stage Five: Waiting… Waiting… Waiting…     After you send out your email(s) you’re going to have to wait. A very long time. You’ll either receive a “Congratulations!” or “Sorry, not this time.” email. You won’t get an agent over night. It takes time! You’ll get one that’s perfect for you!

     As an author, you’re either writing or waiting.


Good luck!



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