Books vs. Movies

     Hey! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while, things have been super crazy at my house, plus school is always a big time consumer for me. Anyways… There are several books that have been made into movies. I can’t think of one movie that was better than the book.

     Ella Enchanted ~ Oh my gosh! There is such a big difference between the book and the movie! Except for the fact that they both involve Ella breaking the curse, the story line is TOTALLY different! The movie totally ruined the book!

     The Hunger Games ~ The book was amazing. The movie was okay. The problem with making a movie out of a book, is that you lose some the the emotion and character development that’s in the book. This is what happened with The Hunger Games.

     I haven’t read or seen Twilight and I don’t plan to. Nor have I read Harry Potter, but I’ve seen most of the movies. Either way, I can’t say how or if they changed.

     There are still so many movies that are based off of books, and I haven’t seen them all! Still, books are always better! You experience what the author originally intended, and you have the time you need to get more “involved”. Books can be a much better experience than a movie.

Reading forever!






~ by emmathereselane on March 20, 2013.

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