The Essentials of Writing a Story

A story is not just words on a page, it’s a piece of the writer. A lot goes into writing! Here are some of the essential tools you will need for your writing.

INSPIRATION      Every writer has that one thing that inspires them. For me, it’s music. Sometimes, when I’m writing I find myself saying, “Hey! That song would be perfect here!” Sadly, I can’t put a song in a book so that it’ll play at just the right moment. Darn! Still, I find myself with more ideas just because I listen to music. Inspiration is the first and MOST IMPORTANT tool you’ll need to be a writer. If you don’t have something that inspires you, you will not be writing to your full potential. Sometimes, it is hard to find inspiration; it’s not supposed to be easy. Writer’s block happens often when you misplace your inspiration. I get it when I stop listening to music. Sometimes what inspires you will change many times. Other tools you will need to write are easier to acquire.

TIME            Next to inspiration, time is the most important thing you, as a writer, will need. Whether you set aside time each day, or you only write on the weekends, time is good! Like inspiration time is difficult to come by. Between work (if you have a job), school (if you are still in school), and all your other activities, it’s hard to find extra time to write! You may need to schedule time to write into your busy schedule. If writing is just a hobby, then it may not be a big deal, but if you are serious about writing, you will always find time to write.

COMPUTER, TYPEWRITER, OR PEN AND PAPER          These are what you need to physically write your story. I mean, these are what you use to create magic! If you don’t have one of these, the world will be deprived of yet another brilliant mind! It doesn’t matter which of these tools you use, just as long as you can write.

COMFORT         To write a story successfully, you need to be comfortable! If you’re cold, grab a sweater! One thing I will tell you, is absolutely no blanket around your shoulders! It restricts the movement of your arms, and makes it difficult to write. One thing I love to have when I write, is something to drink! My favorites are coffee and Snapple! Sometimes caffeine helps. So if you don’t drink it now, don’t be surprised if you start!

LOCATION         Where you write, is super important! Writing in a coffee shop will affect your writing differently than writing in the comfort of your bedroom. I find that when I write at home, my writing is just a little be safer, but if I write while I’m out, it’s generally a little more adventurous.

If you guys have these things, you’re going to do just fine!

Good luck!



~ by emmathereselane on March 3, 2013.

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