Over-thinking It…

     Sometimes, when you’re writing a story, you have a line in your head that you love so much that you feel you have to use it. You try so hard to slip it into a scene. Finally, you write down the line. You feel that it’s dramatic and absolutely perfect. When you go back to read the scene everything fits together seamlessly. When you reach the moment of reading the glorious line, you pause. It absoluetly stinks. From seamless brilliance, your story goes to choppy, “trying too hard” words. You desperately try to think of things you could change to make your brilliance fit into the scene to create the dramatic, nail-biter you’ve dreamed of, but nothing seems to work! Stop. You’re over-thinking it.

     Obviously, you’ve seen that the first half of this particular scene is perfect, but after your genius line, everything just seems to die, lose it’s spark. When you try to change your story so you can fit in something you’ve always though was great that didn’t work the first time, you’re doing it wrong. One thing you should keep in mind is this: never, ever change your story to accomodate pretty words. If it ‘aint broke don’t fix it! Maybe your amazing dialogue didn’t work this time, but it’s day will come! Hold on to it, and soon enough, you’ll get the scene you’ve been waiting for!

Keep writing!



~ by emmathereselane on February 28, 2013.

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