The Name Game

While the plot line is important in the writing of your story, one of the most important things in your story is the naming of your characters. Your characters need names that fit their personality, and are proper for the time era in which your story takes place. You can’t have an elegant young lady in the 1800’s and name her Ryann. Felicity or Veronica would be more appropriate. I had this problem in one of my stories. It was in medieval times and I named my protagonist Kylie. Not appropriate. Eventually, I changed her name to Juliana, and everything seemed much more smooth.

It’s also a clever idea to look into the meaning of names. If your antagonist is cunning, find a name that means sly or sneaky.

Either way, the proper name can go a long way. Take care in the name of your characters!

Stick to your stories!


Protagonist = The good guy

Antagonist = The bad guy


~ by emmathereselane on February 24, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Name Game”

  1. This is interesting to me because I have been writing fairytales and in some I leave the characters without names, which I thought would be common enough. But when I read them to people (i.e. my wife or my students) they always want to know “what was the boy’s name?”.

    Some fairytales I have been naming them and honestly I do like it more, but is there any advantage to not naming?

    • One thing I can think of is not going through the trouble of naming a “throw away” character. Maybe there’s a soldier that’s escorting a princess, they get the castle and he’s never seen again in the story. Another advantage is you don’t get too attached to someone that is most likely going to be killed off later on. Instead of getting safely to the castle, the soldier and princess get ambushed by thieves or a rival kingdom. Perhaps the princess escapes or is kidnapped, but the soldier dies protecting her. If you are too attached to a character, you may feel bad about killing him or her off and change your mind, maybe making your story not as good as you’d hoped.
      When deciding between naming and not naming a character, go with your first instincts. If you feel like naming someone but you know you’re going to kill them off, just have people call him “boy” or give him such a common name that he almost doesn’t get attention. This will make it easier when you “lose” the character because you aren’t as attached to him. You can also go back and name your character(s) later.
      Naming your character is also a part of character development. The name helps the readers and you get to know your character better.

      Thanks for reading and feel free to ask some more questions!

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