Story Overload!

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been dealing with a pretty bad case of writer’s block, which affected both my novel and my blog! Luckily it’s over now, and I’m ready to get back to writing! Any who, today I’m telling you a way to deal with all these brilliant story ideas that come too fast for you to write even one!

First, gather pens, pencils, and PLENTY of paper or fire up your laptop, whichever way you prefer to write. Now create a file labeled: Story Ideas, on either your computer or a binder/folder. Next, write, write, write! If you already know where the the particular story idea your penning is going already, it would be a good idea to create a story outline. The beginning, end, and any other important event you already know are going to happen. Remember though, stories aren’t always going to fit your original image. Someone who you thought wasn’t going to be involved in the “evil plot” may end up to be the mastermind behind it all! Things may change, but an outline may help in the general story writing.

If you don’t know where this particular idea is going to end up, whether the guy gets the girl, or the villain is vanquished (as many writers don’t), it’s good to write a first paragraph or first couple of pages to get your idea down!

As soon as you’ve finished writing down all of your marvelous story ideas, you should ALWAYS make sure that you’ve saved them. No papers accidentally thrown away or shredded and no computer files accidentally deleted or not saved at all. Anyway, now that you’ve written and SAVED your story ideas, take a break. Take a few days to let your brain relax and let the jumble of words in your head calm down. As soon as you forget what the story ideas you wrote were actually about, go back to them. Look at each of your ideas, and choose the idea that appeals to you the most. Now that you’ve chosen the story you’re going to work on, what you need to do is write, write, write some more!

One thing that really bothers me, is when I’m out and about and an awesome story idea hits me! I promise myself I’ll remember the idea and write it down the moment I get home. But when I get home, I can’t remember it at all! What I’ve started doing, is carrying around a little notebook. That way I can write down that idea that I get, and none of those little sneaky plot lines escape me!

My favorite time to write is on a rainy day with a cup of coffee! What’s your favorite time to write?

Have fun and write, write, write!



~ by emmathereselane on February 23, 2013.

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